Who meets with the insurance adjuster?

The most important part of the process is meeting with the insurance adjuster.  We highly recommend allowing your Blue Skies Roofing Specialist represent you, the homeowner.

Does signing a contingency contract mean I am obligated?

Upon approval, all we ask is that you let us fulfill the job requirements.

Will I be dropped by my insurance carrier?

No. You have absolutely no control over major storm damage; this is often referred to as “an act of God.”

Will my insurance premiums be raised by my insurance provider once the claim has been filed?

Premiums will increase due to catastrophic events within your area.

How does Blue Skies get paid?

Your inspection is free.  The adjusters appointment is free.  Upon approval, Blue Skies is paid for by the proceeds provided by your insurance company.

If I am denied, what do I have to pay for?

You owe Blue Skies nothing.

What do I pay for?

Upon approval, you only pay your deductible.


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